If you are looking for translations or interpreting services in Berlin, you have found the right business partner. I am not only professional, but have extensive and varied experience both in Germany and in Britain.

I offer translations in the following language combinations:

English → German
German → English

While I focus on translations and interpreting services in the fields of law and real estate, any other enquiries you might have are also in good hands with Benson Translation Service.

Below you will find a selection of projects I have translated for my clients:

  • Contracts of all kinds (inter alia purchase contracts, rental/lease agreements, operator agreements)
  • Creation of land charges
  • Valuation reports
  • General terms and conditions of business
  • Company formation documents
  • Scientific publications
  • Business plans
  • Company websites
  • Expert opinions prior to legal proceedings
  • Official documents of all kinds

If you are looking for professional translations in Berlin, you have come to the right person. I would be glad to provide you with a no-binding quote.